Remembered: The Alzheimer’s Photography Project

I’d like to share this recently completed portrait series of people with Alzheimer’s:


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4 Responses to Remembered: The Alzheimer’s Photography Project

  1. Esther Strauss Smoller says:

    Couldn’t get your photos. Can you give me an idea how to view them?

  2. Charles Seton says:

    I wanted to thank you for this extraordinary series of photos. I have been a photographer (both documentary and abstract/fine art) for over forty years, and this is one of the most thoroughly thought out and best executed projects that I’ve seen in a LONG time – and congratulations on finding an excellent place to showcase your fine work!

  3. Brian Seed says:

    Dear Gregg,

    I have been admiring your work having been drawn to your site by the excellent photo of Gustavo Dudamel in the current Newsweek magazine. I have been working hard to build our agency, Picade’s, image file of the great music performers.

    Picade, founded in 2006, is a stock and assignment agency that is owned by its 60 contributing photographers from 9 countries around the world. We pay a royalty of 55% for stock and 70% for assignments. We are run for and by photographers.

    Please take a look at our site: Whereas at one time being a contributor required a payment of $1000 this initial charge has now been waived.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    With my best wishes,

    Brian Seed
    Chicago, Illinois
    skype: seed.pix

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