Senior Moments

When I’m 94, I want to be recording a personal best in the triple jump like Julian Myers. I want to be flinging a javelin into that good night, rather than going quietly into it. I want to be spiking volleyballs like Mickey Pitti (92) and free styling through 50 meters like Hoi Pang (92). The senior olympians I shot for ESPN are living proof of that maxim, you’re only as old as you feel.1001PHOTO

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Maybe Now Paul Ryan Will Be Taken Seriously

A few pics from our shoot last November at the Janesville, WI YMCA, where Mr. Ryan has been working since he was a kid.

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Steve Jobs Acolytes

As well as being a visionary, Jobs was, by all accounts, a dictatorial, uncompromising task master. Was his cruel behavior justified by what he accomplished? Is he a model for budding entrepreneurs or a cautionary tale? WIRED Magazine tackled the question in their August issue. I just shot the acolytes, all quite skilled in placing their thumbs under their chins.

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Apes with Apps

At the Great Ape Trust in Des Moines, Iowa, Kanzi, a 31 year old bonobo has been learning to communicate with humans. Kanzi selects “lexigram” symbols on his Motorola Zoom tablet to ask questions, express needs and desires, even create names for things he likes but doesn’t have a word for yet. Like pizza. Kanzi hits the lexigrams for “tomato-cheese-bread” when he wants a slice. He calls kale “slow-lettuce” because it takes longer to chew. I photographed Kanzi and other bonobos at the great ape trust for IEEE Spectrum, an electronics magazine interested in how touch screens, tablet computers and wireless networking facilitate language development in apes. Witnessing Kanzi’s language skills firsthand was an incredible, once in a lifetime experience.

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Show at Chelsea Market

I just hung a show at Chelsea Market, NYC. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by. Show’s up till Sept. 4. While there’s no opening per se, there’s a great wine and cheese shop, so I’m going to pretend.

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Mr. Fun

When shooting Bob Igar for Fortune Magazine, I’d hoped to have Mickey, Buzz, Rapunzel, et all crowding round to get Igar’s autograph. But Mr. Igar demurred.  He did agree to lead a congo line of characters through the rose garden in the shadow of the Magic Castle – which is more than most CEO’s would do!

Disney CEO Bob Igar with friends outside the Magic Castle

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Orlando Has a Soul!

Snap! Orlando tonight

I’m pleased to share that selections from State of the Union are featured in this year’s Snap! Orlando curated by Patrick Kahn.



Snap! Orlando tonight

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Running Shoe Zealot!


There’s nothing more satisfying as a photographer than a subject willing to play. Danny Abshire, who I photographed for the April issue of Runner’s World, was a fervent advocate, not only of running, but running in the remarkable shoes he’s created. I almost bought a pair of Newton’s and I’m not even a runner. It’s the color of them kicks! I love em!


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State of the Union Series- Article in Time Magazine

Watch the Video:,32068,900357870001_2064736,00.html


Check out the State of the Union photo series:

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Remembered: The Alzheimer’s Photography Project

I’d like to share this recently completed portrait series of people with Alzheimer’s:


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